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  • Equip your locker room with excellence

    Equip your locker room with excellence

    The locker room is an essential space in many environments, from gyms and sports clubs to companies and educational institutions. It is here that those who pass through can prepare for their activities, promoting comfort, practicality, safety and, above…

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  • Adjustable Desks: Impacts and Benefits

    Adjustable Desks: Impacts and Benefits

    The work environment is constantly evolving, and the way we organise our workspace is also changing. Among the most notable innovations in recent years, adjustable desks stand out as a tool that is revolutionising the way we approach ergonomics…

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  • Digital Evolution at COMO

    Digital Evolution at COMO

    Where It All Began About a year ago, we, the management of COMO – Furniture Components, Ltd., made a bold decision: to raise the level of demand in the company’s digital communication. Operating predominantly in the B2B market, but…

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