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COMO Catalogs: Variety and Design in Portuguese Furniture

Browse through our catalogs and be inspired by the wide range of options that COMO offers. Each catalog is an invitation to explore the latest trends and excellence in furniture design, reflecting our dedication to innovation and quality.

Fenolic Partitions and Applications

We provide custom-made solutions in phenolic compact for toilet cabins, showers, and others, as well as partitions, urinal dividers, countertops, coat hooks, and benches. This material is also used for furniture production.

Being phenolic compact an inert, hydrophobic, antibacterial, antifungal, fire retardant and combined with anti-corrosive screwing, it becomes a preferred solution for carrying out works where hygiene, durability and safety are required.

Phenolic Compact Lockers

Our range of lockers offers a variety of materials to suit each client’s needs. We have standard measurements, but we also produce custom-made upon request.

Due to its hydrophobic, antibacterial, antifungal, and fire retardant characteristics, it becomes the ideal material for places such as hospitals, bathrooms in educational establishments, sports changing rooms, and also intensive use places such as commercial or industrial surfaces.

Office Furniture

Our solutions in melamine include various models of cabinets, wheeled blocks, desks, meeting tables, and adjustable desks.

This material is a particleboard with a decorative melamine surface and PVC edging.

There are standard measurements, but the structures can be made to measure according to the desired with thicknesses of 19mm or 25mm. The assembly system is by minifix and comes with all the hardware necessary for its proper functioning.