Building Quality and Trust

COMO: Excellence and Innovation in Portuguese Furniture

Discover the journey of quality and innovation that defines COMO, your partner in furniture solutions since 2008



Como – Furniture Components Ltd, with a solid trajectory since 2008, envisions to be more than a furniture producer; we aspire to be a brand synonymous with innovation and quality in Portugal.

Our approach goes beyond manufacturing, aiming to create pieces that are true exemplars of Portuguese design and craftsmanship. We commit to exceeding expectations, reflecting the passion and national talent in every product.

We are experts in
  • Custom design creation
  • Construction of high-quality and durable furniture
  • Furniture installation anywhere in the country
Specialized Installations

Throughout the Country

Aware of the importance of being close to our customers, we extend our reach with specialized delivery and assembly facilities across the entire national territory. This comprehensive service ensures that the quality of our furniture is delivered and installed with utmost care and precision at any point in Portugal.

Each delivery is a testimony of our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each customer receives not just a piece of furniture, but a complete experience that reflects the dedication and quality COMO offers.

Experts with many years of

Accumulated Knowledge

Over the years, we have developed and perfected a deep knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. This includes everything from the rigorous selection of raw materials – such as high-density phenolics and durable melamines – to the detailed finishing and assembly of our products.

This accumulated knowledge allows us to skillfully combine traditional techniques with technological innovations, resulting in designs that are both classic and contemporary, durable and functional.

Design and Technology

Innovative Products

At the forefront of innovation, our phenolic furniture products integrate design and technology superbly. Each piece is the result of a careful creation process, where the latest technologies are applied to ensure not only a modern look but also advanced functionality. This combination of elements makes each item not just a piece of furniture but a manifestation of innovative design and cutting-edge engineering.

Our line of phenolic furniture represents the perfect fusion between avant-garde design and technological innovation. Through advanced production techniques and intelligent integration of technology, we create furniture that not only captivates visually but also offers practical and futuristic solutions. This commitment to innovation is reflected in every detail, providing pieces that elevate and transform any space.