Digital Evolution at COMO

Where It All Began

About a year ago, we, the management of COMO – Furniture Components, Ltd., made a bold decision: to raise the level of demand in the company’s digital communication. Operating predominantly in the B2B market, but also open to B2C, at COMO we recognized the need to maintain an active digital presence to stay competitive in the constantly evolving current market.

Brand Awareness

The decision to bet on the digital medium became a crucial lever to consolidate brand awareness, ensuring, at the same time, a competitive position in a volatile market. Thus, by adopting a strategic digital presence, we amplified the reach of our message and established a dynamic interaction channel with the audience. Beyond being a short-term strategy, adapting to digital trends is an ongoing commitment to ensure that the brand remains relevant, appealing, and in tune with the constantly changing expectations of consumers. In this way, we understand that digital innovation is not just a necessity, but also a vital competitive advantage to thrive in the contemporary business environment.

Digital Campaign

Firstly, to keep up with market trends, various initiatives were implemented. Maintaining the strategy of online ads, a practice already rooted in the company, proved crucial to expand COMO’s visibility. Aware of the importance of this tool, we continued to refine our online advertising campaigns, ensuring they were aligned with the expectations and behaviors of our target audience.

Social Networks

Furthermore, the bet on social networks relaunched our company’s course. By exploring platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we were able to reach an audience that was previously beyond our reach. Thus, the presence on social networks strengthened the brand and played a significant role in acquiring new customers, highlighting the importance of these digital platforms. For us, a B2B company, social networks were essential, providing visibility, strengthening relationships, and facilitating direct communication both with partners and customers.

Our Website

Over the past year, we embarked on a journey to create our online presence through a website. The goal was clear: to develop an intuitive web page, with a modern design, easy navigation, and explanatory content that provided a seamless digital experience to our visitors. This project was meticulously planned, with an emphasis on visual strategy, prioritizing a simple yet captivating aesthetic, and communication, maintaining a clear, informative, and objective discourse. This new version of the website will also present updated catalogs with all our products and will be constantly updated.

In addition, on our website, we have our blog: a space for informative sharing, where you will discover some curiosities about us, as a company, but also about the field in which we operate. In short, it consists of a different communication channel from the ones we usually act upon.

Collective Commitment and Achieved Results

In summary, the digital evolution at COMO was carefully planned to represent a true upgrade for the company. In addition to maintaining the already established communication strategies, we adopted new approaches with the goal of reaching a broader and more diverse audience. This evolution was not just an administrative decision, but a vision shared by all company members, reflecting a collective commitment to raise the standard of excellence. We feel that this evolution enhanced and completed the company, preparing it for future challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing digital world.

We invite you to follow our pages on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our progress in the digital medium. You will be informed about the products we design in an interactive, dynamic, and engaging way, as well as the services inherent to them.

Digital Evolution COMO