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Benches and Hangers Gallery

Discover our line of phenolic benches and hangers, ideal for changing rooms and high-traffic spaces. With stainless steel structure and phenolic compact slats, they offer durability, functionality, and a modern design, perfectly adaptable to any environment that requires resilience and style.


Our phenolic benches, with a robust stainless steel structure and a surface made of compact phenolic, represent the perfect fusion of functionality and contemporary design. Specifically designed for changing rooms and high-traffic areas, these benches not only withstand daily wear and tear but also add a touch of modern elegance. Their customization capabilities allow them to harmoniously adapt to the environment and the specific needs of the space.


Our phenolic hangers are carefully designed to combine durability and style. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as changing rooms and common spaces, these coat hooks are manufactured to withstand the test of time and constant use, always maintaining their attractive appearance. The flexibility in design ensures easy integration into various environments, ensuring that each piece complements the space perfectly.